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About American Veteran Roofing & Restroration

A portion of every build is donated to charity multiple times a year! When we say we care about making an impact we really mean it!


The reason why we should be your number one choice for all roofing needs is because we get results and that’s because the people that work for us love making a difference!

We handle every home and every project as if it were our own and work to make sure customer satisfaction is at its highest.

Choose us for our diligence, compassion, professionalism, and commitment to getting the job done right.

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About us

We are proud to be a business that reflects the values of our military veterans.
We were honored to be blessed by the Commander of the state of Texas for the American Legion in November 2021, allowing us to use the word veteran as a reflection of our military service.

Just a day later, we officially formed our company and set out to make a real impact in our community in a market that we saw opportunity. Within just a few months of starting out, we had already surpassed a million in sales, which allowed us to scale our business and open a new office.

As we grew, we were able to hire disabled veterans and people who had lost their jobs due to COVID-19, giving them a meaningful career to excel in and make a difference. This company was formed for more than profit. It was formed for purpose.


Our Mission

To develop leaders to be of maximum impact to the community

Our Vision

To instill the core values of my company into the daily lives of those who work for me so they can be of maximum service to their fellow man and in their own lives.

Our guiding principles:
The core values that drive us